Troubleshooting WordPress Plugin and Theme Conflicts

At some point in your WordPress travels you will come across a problem with plugins and /or theme conflicts. You may experience such behavior as white screens, failing JavaScript or php or may seem visible error in the website on the front-end or in the admin dashboard. These conflicts (bugs) can be extremely frustrating to resolve because WordPress is a mix of various developers plugins and themes there is not much joined up thinking, inevitably you are going to get conflicts. The way to prevent this in the first place is to limit the use of plugins or try and stick with reputable developers. However even when you are careful you will come across the problem anyway. The best way to troubleshoot this problem is to disable every plugin, switch to the default theme and see if you still get the error. One by one enable each plugin and see by process of elimination you will discover the culprit. You now have a choice, disable the plugin, contact the developer to see if they can fix it, or find an alternative plugin. Good luck!

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