The pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Name Description Operational Excellence The ability to support development and run workloads effectively, gain insight into their operations, and to continuously improve supporting processes and procedures to deliver business value. Security The security pillar describes how to take advantage of cloud technologies to protect data, systems, and assets in a way that can improve your… Continue reading The pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Understanding Layer 7 and Layer 4

Layer 7 Layer 7 is a term used to refer to the seventh and highest layer of the seven-layer Open Systems Interconnect  (OSI) reference model for computer networking.  The OSI model is a method of describing how data moves between two networked devices. This layer, also known as the application layer, supports end-user applications and… Continue reading Understanding Layer 7 and Layer 4

How to secure an application

How would you secure an application? A handy checklist of things to do. There are some simple ways to secure an application on a server. The first thing you should do is set up the proper firewall on your server if possible (NOTE: This may require root access or other administrative rights). You may need… Continue reading How to secure an application

Migrating WordPress from Flywheel

A problem I encountered with a client site recently gave me a headache for a few days. It seems that flywheel do some odd stuff with WordPress behind the scenes. When migrating from flywheel be sure to delete the symlink upgrade folder otherwise you will be unable to upgrade wordpress plugins or core files.

What is AWS Cognito?

Amazon Cognito is a service that makes it easy for developers to handle user identity, not just within the application itself, but across multiple devices. Amazon Cognito allows you to focus on building your app by handling all of the complexities related to signing up new users, remembering user details and keeping sessions alive between… Continue reading What is AWS Cognito?

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3 ways to find php.ini

PHP’s ‘php.ini’ is a configuration file for PHP scripts on your server and it allows all kinds of things to be adjusted like memory usage or display settings but often you may forget where the file actually is (this can especially be the case if you’re new to linux). php default location So here are… Continue reading 3 ways to find php.ini

How to change default WordPress 2MB Upload on Self Hosted VPS php.ini

WordPress comes with 2MB upload size limit by default which needs to be increased if you want to upload files larger than that amount. The limit is set by your hosts php.ini file. Login to your VPS via SSH and change your upload_max_filesize to something bigger such as 10Mb.  You can customize this script to… Continue reading How to change default WordPress 2MB Upload on Self Hosted VPS php.ini