Top Fintec Companies using Devops

According to, the top Fintec companies using Devops include:

1. Capital One 2. TD Ameritrade 3. PNC Financial Services 4. Deloitte 5. Wells Fargo 6. BBVA 7. American Express 8. Accenture 9 . Bank of America 10 . Merrill Lynch

The top Fintec company is Capital One because it has leadership that supports DevOps initiatives at all levels within the organization.

The CIO, information security and application development leaders are driving DevOps initiatives at Capital One, according to TheDevOpsGuys blog. "They've made it very clear that there is a business need for DevOps," the blog said. "This makes it easier for people who have been resisting change because this group can be assured that it will provide value."

"With executive sponsorship of these guidelines, you create a common language that aligns with organizational goals and objectives in order to avoid confusion and difficulty among teams," says Shashi Upadhyay , Director of Global Technology at Cognizant, in an article on SD Times web site titled "5 Steps to Implementing DevOps Guidance ."

And, Capital One is driving towards a culture of automation, which is one of the top benefits of DevOps. According to TheDevOpsGuys blog, "The initiative has provided an opportunity for them to take a step back and truly plan how they want their operations team structured over time."

And, CapitalOne relies heavily on test automation. According to TheDevOpsGuys blog, "Their core business processes are tested daily and load/performance tests run weekly. Then there's performance testing at peak times per week."

"With the DevOps-centric approach we're taking, I'm excited about this new chapter in our history," said Richard Fairbank , Chairman & CEO of Capital One , in his 2016 Letter to Shareholders . "I've sat in our branch offices and listened to the feedback of our customers, some of whom use us for their physical banking needs but many more who rely on us as a digital financial partner. I've spoken with our partners who share both capital and credit risk with us, along with the entrepreneurs who have received large checks from us to help fund their hopes and dreams."

"We're investing in cutting-edge technology," he continued. "We look forward to dramatically improving the online and mobile experience we offer millions of new customers every year -- giving them 'banking that thinks.' And we'll expand into new business areas where scale can be created through shared platforms, processes, systems and data."

A Culture of Automation

According to TheDevOpsGuys blog, "In addition to testing daily and weekly, they have implemented a large amount of automation. Rather than having their entire infrastructure setup and configured manually each time code is changed, there are many steps that can be automated. This includes deploying the baseline production environment at least once per week."

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