Why Most Website Intentions Fail

The intention, goal, or objective of a website should be defined from the beginning of the design process. The intention of this website for example is to gain new clients by demonstrating past experience, offering free education and information about web design and business. The intention of this post is to attract people who type the phrase 'Web Intentions' into a search engine.

The intention of an eCommerce website is to sell products and the intention of an artists portfolio website may be very different to that of a multi national company for example.

Why is it important to define intentions?

It provides context and gives a reason why we are doing what we are doing. Often a web designer may do something because it looks cool without thinking about the context. There should be reasoning behind every design decision.


Open your website or someone else's or you don't already have one. Next, try and work out what the intention of the website is. Ask the question, is the intention or goal of the website begin achieved? If the answer is no then you may want to reflect more on what the problem could be, maybe the navigation is in the wrong place, maybe there are too many options making the website confusing, or maybe there is just too much competition and you need to try and create niche areas of focus.

A website could look amazing and still not achieve what it was meant to do. If you having trouble figuring out what could be wrong and need an expert opinion I would be happy to take a look. Send me the url to you website and I will do a free video review for you.