Corporate Email Solutions

Everyone seems to have their preferred system of dealing with email. For personal email most people use Yahoo, Hotmail or Google mail. The problem that businesses face is that these services are inadequate.

What are the Corporate Email Solutions?

If you are in a large organisation it is most likely that you already using Microsoft Exchange for your server and Outlook for your email client.  At HyperStream we use Google Apps and Google Mail. It does everything we need for email and contact management and integrates nicely with our Mobile Phones. Another solution called Zimbra is also very good and quite popular in educational establishments as it is Open Source.

3285777403_8f0a9b886dGoogle Apps

Benefits of using Google Apps

  • Best spam filtering that we have seen
  • Smooth integration with Mobiles
  • Share your calender with people outside of your domain
  • List email in threaded conversational view
  • Super fast email searching
  • Loads of  customization options
  • Access email from anywhere, and any device

Although Google Apps is excellent for most businesses, it may not always be  suitable for every situation. For very large organizations with complex infrastructures Google Apps may seem very expensive, before such a decision is made we recommend doing a review of your current costs including IT Staff cost, server maintenance, etc. You can use The Google saving calculator.



Zimbra is unique as it is the only Open Source solution solution here. It's a very customisable solution with lots of great features, you can check out a demo here.

Would we recommend it? If you have a large organisation and the hardware to support it then it could be a great solution compared to Exchange,  Zimbra is definitely worth investigation and could save you money.

ExchangeLogoMicrosoft Exchange

Exchange has been around for ages and is not going anywhere. It can be a very powerful Mail Server if maintained well, it can cause lots of problems, like bloated in-boxes, and historically backing up all that data has been painful.  Still that said if your organisation is purely running Microsoft products and never intend to change to a mixed environment then maybe you would be better off sticking with it.

Essentially any of these system can work well if setup the right way. If you have over 10 users we recommended that you consult a professional who can recommend the right solution for your business.